Exposure Assessment

TERA staff have authored numerous human exposure assessment reviews and studies, including residential exposures to various chemicals in consumer products, and have played a leading role internationally in research and collaborative efforts for exposure guidance and factors. For example, they have provided expert guidance to international companies on developing exposure and risk assessments for chemicals and polymers in consumer products and clothing. TERA staff have collaborated with Health Canada and the European Commission on guidance, scenarios, and exposure factors for assessing consumer exposures to chemicals and polymers in consumer products and articles (e.g., clothing, furniture, and toys). In addition, TERA staff have served as invited experts or reviewers for several U.S. EPA-sponsored efforts to develop or revise human exposure assessment guidance and resource documents and software. TERA is available to provide group and one-on-one training to help train assessors on the basics of chemical and consumer product exposure and risk assessment.



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