Screening Level Assessments

Information needs vary with the complexity of the risk management decisions to be made.  Screening level assessments are an important component of proactive risk assessment for evaluating the need for more data collection, in setting priorities for more detailed evaluations, and for comparative risk ranking. 


Click here for an information sheet that describes our array of capabilities for screening level risk assessment and hazard ranking methods. 


The following are examples projects for this area. 

    Provide toxicology and risk methods support for chemical assessment under Health Canada’s Domestic Substances List program.

    Sustainable Futures.  Under subcontract with the U.S. EPA, provide screening level hazard assessments for non-cancer toxicity for new chemicals under pollution prevention initiatives. 

    Screening Levels.  For a private sponsor, evaluate available toxicology data and develop equipment cleaning validation limits and screening levels for pharmaceutical ingredients.

    For EPA-OW, participate in a project to implement a screening assessment strategy to identify priority water contaminants.

    TERA develops methods to conduct screening assessments for the use of chemicals newly introduced to company operations, and provides comprehensive support in hazard ranking and screening.