Comprehensive Dose-Response Assessments and Toxicological Reviews

TERA staff have developed comprehensive toxicological reviews and risk assessments.  The following is a list of project examples for this area.


Selected Assessments  

Trichloroethylene (TCE) science peer consultation.

Cyanide IRIS Toxicological Support Document is being drafted for U.S. EPA.

Soluble Nickel Salts IRIS Toxicological Support Document.

TERA supports risk value development for perchlorate.

Ammonium Perflourooctanoate Provisional Risk Values developed through peer consultation process for the State of West Virginia.


Draft Tetrahydrofuran IRIS Toxicological Support Document developed for private sponsor in coordination with EPA OPPTS.

Phenol IRIS Toxicological Support Document loaded on IRIS.

Atrazine Drinking Water Criteria Document being developed for EPA OW.

Drinking Water Criteria Documents being developed for several Drinking Water Disinfection By-products for EPA OW.