Beyond Science and Decisions: From Problem Formulation to Dose-Response Assessment


Workshop XIV

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1. Williams-Introduction to Workshop


2. Beck-State of Risk Assessment in EPA


3. Paustenbach-Dioxins vs PFAS


4. Fletcher-New Zealand & Australian PFOA Position


5. Dourson-North American PFOA Positions


6. Dietrich-WHO & EFSA PFOA Positions


7. Berman-Israil PFAS Position


8. Clewell-ARA International PFOA Position


9. Gotting-Scientific Judgments and Judicial Review


10. Elliott-Scientific Judgments and Judicial Review


11. Bodine-Best Available Science” and EPA Decisions


12. Mullin-Science & Policy Decisions & Tort Claims 01


13. Vedagiri-PFAS Risk Implications in Food


14. Via-Current MCL Draft & US Water Purveyors


15. Seidel-EPA MCL, Opportunity for Risk Reduction


16. Chaitovitz-Cost and Impacts of the PFAS Regulations


17. Johnson-Evidence Integration Techniques


18. Belluck Benjamin-Basis for Nitrate Water Standards
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19. Becker-Beyond Key Characteristics of Carcinogens


20. Phillips-Values for In-motion Air Monitoring
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21. Andersen-MOAs for PFAS using transcriptomics


22. Calabrese-History Behind Low Dose Extrapolation




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