Alliance for Risk Assessment Steering Committee


While the management and operation of the ARA is the responsibility of the ARA Collaborators, the Steering Committee provides guidance and recommendations for ARA activities. The ARA Steering Committee’s role is to provide input regarding whether requested work is likely to benefit public health, whether any clear conflicts of interest or ethical issues need to be considered, and to provide guidance on prioritization of work requests. The impact of the Steering Committee is two-fold. First, input on the issues noted will assist the ARA Leadership Team in staging work requests in an optimum manner. Second, the Steering Committee membership provides an opportunity for involvement of multiple stakeholders, increasing the credibility of technical products and concurrence of diverse parties. This collaborative approach driven by non-profit and academic centers is a unique feature of the ARA process.The Steering Committee consists of individuals with scientific credentials in risk assessment and related fields and that have current affiliations with diverse stakeholder groups. Steering Committee members serve three-year terms.


Current Members

  • Annette Dietz, Portland State University
  • Michael Dourson, Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment  (TERA)
  • Michael Honeycutt, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • Matthew McAtee, US Army
  • Moiz Mumtaz, Agency for Toxic Substance & Disease Registry
  • Ralph Perona, Neptune & Company, Inc.




  • Anita Meyer, US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Barbara Harper, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
  • Edward Ohanian, United States Federal Employee
  • Michael Habeck, Indiana Department of Environmental Management
  • William Hayes, State of Indiana
  • Bette Meek, University of Ottawa/Health Canada
  • Ruthann Rudel, Silent Spring Institute
  • Phil Wexler, National Library of Medicine (NLM)


* Affiliations are for identification purposes only. Steering Committee members serve as individuals representing their own personal opinions.



Steering Committee Meeting Minutes                           

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Correspondence

StateHELP: Oregon Correspondence