Workshop VIII Case Studies & Presentations
May 21-22, 2014
Introduction and Opening Remarks

Keynote Talk: EPA’s Risk Assessment Forum activity related to the Science and Decisions Report
Rita Schoeny, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Case Study: Weight of Evidence Approach for Chemicals with Limited Toxicity Data (silanes and siloxanes)
Tiffany Bredfeldt, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Beyond Science and Decisions Dose Response Assessment Framework
Lynne Haber, Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment

Dose-response assessment of a mixture of melamine and cyanuric acid in rats: practical challenges and outcome
Gonçalo Gamboa da Costa, National Center for Toxicological Research

Kids and Chemical Safety
Patricia Nance, Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment

Understanding Uncertainties and Confidence in Hazard Databases: An Example Using IRIS
Nancy Beck, American Chemistry Council

Case Study: Practical guidance on the development of a non-cancer hazard range
Ed Pfau of Hull and Associates and Rod Thompson of Alliance for Site Closure
The method presented in the Case Study Summary (as undergoing review by the science panel) is the development of hazard ranges for non-cancer endpoints.  This method is one of several addressed in the full case study,  “Guidance for Contaminated Sites:  TCE risk assessment case study.”   Key aspects of the method for developing hazard ranges for the non-cancer endpoint (originally applied to TCE) have been refined for more general application to other chemicals in the Case Study Summary.  The file on “additional chemicals” illustrates the application of the method to chemicals that have not undergone the depth of mathematical analysis used in EPA’s TCE assessment.

Lessons learned from the U.S. Endocrine Disruptor Screening Programs
Ellen Mihaich, ER2

Case Study Proposal: Comparative risk assessment of mixtures in fish
Michael Dourson, Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment
Coauthor: Moiz Mumtaz, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry


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