Beyond Science and Decisions: From Issue Identification to Dose-Response Assessment

Standing Panel

The Core Science Panel, which reviews all research case studies in this Workshop Series

  • James Bus, Exponent
  • Chris Chaisson, The Lifeline Group
  • Michael Dourson, TERA
  • Annie Jarabek, US EPA
  • Bette Meek, University of Ottawa
  • Greg Paoli, Risk Sciences International 
  • Christine Whittaker, NIOSH

Ad Hoc/Former Panelists

  • Mike Ascher, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Janet Anderson (Hess-Wilson), GSI Environmental Inc.
  • Michael Bolger, retired (former U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Harvey Clewell, Ramboll
  • Scott Cormier, Medxcel
  • Penny Fenner-Crisp,  retired (former ILSI and former EPA)
  • Sue Griffin, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Laurie Haws, Sabine Lange, TCEQ 
  • Wally Hayes, University of South Florida
  • Judy LaKind, LaKind Associates LLC
  • Sabine Lange, TCEQ
  • Jeff Lewis, Exxon Mobil (retired)
  • John Lipscomb, retired EPA
  • Asish Mohapatra, Health Canada
  • Martha Moore, retired (Former NCTR)
  • Lorenz Rhomberg, Gradient
  • Rita Schoeny, US EPA (retired)
  • Nitin Verma, Chitkara University, School of Pharmacy



For more information, please contact Dr. Michael Dourson