2011 Society for Risk Analysis Symposium: Improving Problem Formulation and DoseResponse Beyond Science
and Decisions

Sponsored by: Dose-Response Specialty Group
Co-Chairs: Julie Fitzpatrick,
Rick Becker

The collaborative ARA adventure: extending and expanding discussions of problem formulation and doseresponse
Pottenger LH
The Dow Chemical Company

Linking problem formulation to dose-response assessment
Paoli G
Risk Sciences International

The importance of mode of action
Meek ME
University of Ottawa

Where the rubber meets the road: a practical methods compendium for risk assessors
Haber LH, Kroner OL

The "straw man" system for replacing uncertainty factors with empirical distributions for traditional systemic toxicants - examples and use for value of information analysis of in vitro measurements
Hattis D, Lynch M, Greco S, Goble R
Clark University

Application of a source-to-outcome model to quantitatively assess variability in dose and sensitivity in humans

Price PS, Juberg DR
The Dow Chemical Company

Risk assessment of exposure to trihalomethane drinking water disinfection by-products. Use of biomonitoring equivalents and biomonitoring data from NHANES
Aylward LL, Hays SM, Kirman CR, Becker RA
Summit Toxicology, LLP