Beyond Science and Decisions: From Problem Formulation to Dose-Response Assessment
Workshop V
Date: November 2, 2012
Location: Webinar

Informational Sessions

The World Health Organization Chemical Risk Assessment Network 

  • Becki Clark, U.S. EPA
  • Kathy Hughes, Health Canada

Advancing Multi-scale Integration of Human Health and Environmental Data: Computational and Conceptual Interoperability

  • Annie Jarabek, U.S. EPA

FutureTox: Building the Road for 21st Century Toxicology and Risk Assessment Practices

  • J. Craig Rowlands, The Dow Chemical Company

EPA’s NexGen Program

  • Dan Krewski, University of Ottawa

Preliminary Case Study Review:  Endogenous Chemical Risk Assessments using Formaldehyde as a Case Example 

  • Robinan Gentry, ENVIRON


Presentation at Society for Risk Analysis 2012

Evolution of the ARA Framework on Problem Formulation to Dose-Response

  • Bette Meek, Iniversity of Ottawa



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