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601 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202, USA

United States
PH: 513-381-3000
Website: Historic Downtown Hotel - The Cincinnatian, Curio Collection (


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Built in 1882, The Cincinnatian Hotel was designed as a "Grand Hotel" of the 19th century. Originally named the Palace Hotel, the eight-story French Second Empire hotel was the tallest building in Cincinnati[5] and designed by the same architect as Cincinnati's Music Hall and City Hall. The Palace Hotel featured 300 guest rooms and a shared bathroom at either end of each corridor. The Palace hotel provided modern improvements such as electric lights and hydraulic elevators to its guests.[6] There were hitching posts outside and the hotel was located where the trolley cars made their turn





We have 10 rooms reaserved for you to make reservations


We have two properties for you to stay depending on Your Budget, Room Type Desired, or Ammedities. Homewood Suites and Hampton Inn offer free Breakfast with your stay.




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