TERA Public Outreach

As a non-profit organization, Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA) is committed to working with the public to improve knowledge and understanding of risk assessment issues. We have a particular interest in working with environmental or citizen action organizations, through lectures or interactive discussions, to increase their understanding of risk assessment issues so that they can have a more active role in environmental decision making. TERA provides risk assessment support to State agencies through the State Hazard Evaluation Lending Program (State HELP). We also provide litigation support as a means of helping courts and the legal system better understand and interpret science and risk assessment in the legal arena.  





The StateHELP (Hazard Evaluation Lending Program) allows states to receive up to 10 hours annually of technical support from TERA scientists free of charge. States can take advantage of this project by requesting either technical support for risk assessment problems over the telephone, or requesting a written review of one of the state's risk assessments. For more information, please vist our StateHELP page, or contact Dr. Michael Dourson.



Litigation Support

The courts and the supporting legal system have a major impact on the development of public health policies and regulations. Thus, a part of TERA's mission is to provide support and education to the legal system to ensure that toxicity data and risk assessment methods are being used and interpreted correctly in the courts. Examples of support activities which TERA can provide include:


bullet Reviewing toxicity data to assist in determining whether an exposure was the proximate cause of health effects;

bullet Performing literature searches and providing written critical analysis of literature;

bullet Providing services related to expert witness opinions and testimony;

bullet Reviewing and analyzing environmental monitoring data;

bullet Assisting with the development of exposure and medical monitoring programs; and

bullet Planning and managing peer review and peer consultation programs.


For more information on our legal and litigation support services, contact Dr. Patricia McGinnis or at (513) 542.7475 Ext 102 or Dr. Michael Dourson or at (513) 542.7475 Ext 105.