OARS-WEELs Open for Public Comment

Preliminary guide value(s) are posted to www.tera.org for a 45 day public review period. At the end of the public review period, comments are collated by the TERA, reviewed for relevance and forwarded to the WEEL Author and Reviewer(s) to determine whether modifications should be made to the Preliminary guide value and Technical Support Document. The Author responds to each comment. The comments and responses are archived by TERA staff liaison to the OARS website. After comments from the public review are addressed, and if modifications are significant and substantive (that is, they would change the proposed /preliminary guide values), the modified preliminary guide value supporting documents are returned to the WEEL Committee for re-balloting. After re-balloting a second round of open public review will take place following revisions.


OARS-WEELs Open for Comments

Melamine - Comments due 28 March 2016

Chlorosulfonic acid - Comments due 21 March 2016

p-Hydroxybenzoic acid - Comments due 21 March 2016

Sodium Chloroacetate - Comments due 21 March 2016

Diisobutylene - Comments due 10 March 2016

Diethylene Glycol (DEG) - Comments due 10 March 2016

Tetrachloropyridine - Comments due 10 March 2016

Trifluoroethanol - Comments due 10 March 2016




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