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Independent Peer Review of the Arsenic Chronic Cancer Assessment for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, State of Texas



What: Peer Review of Section 4.2, Carcinogenic Potential, of the Development Support Document for Arsenic and Inorganic Arsenic Compounds, Draft May 2010
When: Teleconference August 26, 2010 from 9:00 am (EST) - 5:00 pm (EST)

Where: Teleconference - LISTEN ONLY



In 2009, a panel of expert scientists conducted an external peer review of the arsenic compounds effects screening level (ESL) development support document (DSD) prepared by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), State of Texas.  This review specifically focused on the chronic and acute noncarcinogenic ESL Development Support Document (DSD). Click here to see the results of the peer review on the noncancer and acute toxicity sections.


As a follow-up to last year’s review, TERA organized a letter peer review to evaluate the chronic cancer portions of the ESL Development Support Document (DSD) for arsenic compounds developed by the TCEQ.  The Toxicology Section of the Chief Engineer’s Office prepared a DSD that outlines the hazard assessment and dose-response processes used to derive chronic cancer Effects Screening Levels (ESLs) for arsenic compounds following inhalation exposure. The toxicity values were developed using RG-442 Guidelines to Develop Effects Screening Levels, Reference Values, and Unit Risk Factors (TCEQ 2006).  The panel of experts was asked to review the assessment and the underlying toxicity data on arsenic compounds to reach conclusions regarding the chronic cancer ESL Derivation.  On behalf of TCEQ, TERA did not receive any public comments on Section 4.2 of the DSD.





Peer Review Final Meeting Report (pdf)



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