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Independent Peer Review 
for Captan Reclassification

In 2004, Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA) a second review of the captan document was done.  This review did not involve a meeting, but included a paper review of revisions made to the document as suggested by the 2003 initial peer review.  The initial scientific peer review of a cancer assessment for captan was held on September 3-4, 2003 at the University of Cincinnati.  A Peer Review Panel reviewed a document that describes a cancer weight-of-evidence assessment for the pesticide captan.  The document was prepared by VJP Consulting, Inc. and C. Wilkinson, LLC on behalf of the Captan Task Force.  

Information and Documentation  

2004 Peer Review

2003 Peer Review


Captan has been in use as a nonselective fungicide for over fifty years.  EPA currently classifies captan as a “probable human carcinogen” using their 1986 guidelines for cancer risk assessment; the weight of evidence characterization has not been updated using EPA’s more recent draft guidelines.  Registrants as well as other investigators have developed additional data that can be used to describe a mode of action for captan.  In 2001, the Captan Task Force (CTF) requested that EPA (OPP) re-evaluate captan under its current draft cancer risk assessment guidelines.  The Agency was not able to allocate resources to this task, reflecting budgetary constraints and higher priorities.  The Agency, however, saw value in addressing this issue, particularly with the pending tolerance reassessments for other B2 compounds, and agreed in principle with the proposal to reevaluate captan by using an independent Third Party review.  This alternative approach is an option EPA is making available to the Registrants; that is, while it is noted as a viable approach, the Agency is not directing that a Third Party review be undertaken. 

The document to be reviewed presents a cancer hazard assessment and weight of evidence narrative for captan following EPA’s 2003 Draft Final Guidelines for Cancer Risk Assessment.  The objective of this peer review is to review the document for the validity of the arguments and conclusions regarding the characterization of captan.   The panel will consider all relevant data; resolve all questions posed; or, specify where insufficient data are available for resolution of specific questions.  Principles of sound science will be used throughout this review process.


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