ITER Peer Review of Coal Tar Containing Shampoo

What:    Coal Tar Containing Shampoo ITER Peer Review
June 5 and 6, 2000 (1st review)
              July 26, 2000 (2nd Review - Teleconference)
Where:  Cincinnati, Ohio

An independent panel of expert scientists, including risk assessors, met in Cincinnati to review a risk assessment on the lifetime skin cancer risk from the use of coal tar containing shampoos. The K.S. Crump Group, Inc. of ICF Consulting wrote the assessment for American Home Products in order to provide that company with information related to the need for consumer labeling of shampoos under California's Proposition 65. The Neutrogena Company was also a co-sponsor of this peer review.

This peer review meeting was conducted by Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA); a non-profit organization dedicated to the best use of toxicity data in risk assessment. Expert peer reviewers donated their time and talents to provide an independent review of the assessment. The objective was a comprehensive overall review of the materials as provided by the combined experience of all the reviewers. This meeting summary represents the major discussions and conclusions of the panel as a whole.

1st Review (June 2000) Meeting Summary Report (.pdf)

2nd Review (July 2000) Meeting Summary Report (.pdf)

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