Independent Peer Consultation for TBAC Assessment


What:    Peer Consultation of Tertiary-Butyl Acetate (TBAC)
When:   January 7-8, 2009
Where:  Northern Kentucky University Metropolitan Education and Training Services (METS), Erlanger, Kentucky (close to the Cincinnati Airport)


Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA) convened an expert peer consultation panel to review a screening level risk assessment of Tertiary-Butyl Acetate (TBAC).  The assessment was prepared by LyondellBasell Industries (the primary manufacturer of TBAC) under a voluntary agreement between Lyondell and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Lyondell had petitioned EPA to exempt TBAC from regulation as a volatile organic compound (VOC) based on studies demonstrating its low photochemical reactivity.  Given the potential for increased use of TBAC upon exemption from regulation as a VOC, EPA requested Lyondell conduct additional testing, assessment and review of TBAC.  Lyondell has conducted additional toxicity tests and has prepared an assessment for chronic exposures which is the subject of this peer consultation.  Lyondell and EPA are working cooperatively to assure that this assessment adequately addresses potential public health concerns.  This meeting was open to the public to observe in person and via WebCast.


The panel of experts met on January 7-8, 2009 to review and discuss the assessment document and the underlying toxicity data on TBAC.  They reached conclusions regarding hazard and risk characterization, and the need for further testing.  Their discussions and recommendations are found in the meeting report. 


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