WV TAP Expert Panel Review of the West Virginia Screening Level


TERA selected and convened a panel of five experts to review and discuss the available toxicology data and the scientific support for the West Virginia Screening Level established at 10 parts per billion (ppb).  The panel discussed the initial starting value of 1 part per million (1,000 ppb) established by the US CDC and then considered if the additional safety factor applied by the State of West Virginia was protective of public health, based on available data.  The panel identified data gaps and made recommendations for additional studies or analyses that could strengthen the screening level and reduce uncertainty.

The panel utilized the scientific review document authored by Utah State University Professor Craig Adams. The document can be found on the WV TAP website and is entitled Health Effects for Chemicals in 2014 West Virginia Chemical Release: Crude MCHM Compounds, PPH and DiPPH. Version 1.5. The document provides a literature review summarizing toxicity information on the chemicals that were spilled into the Elk River in West Virginia in January 2014 from the Freedom Industries facility.


Meeting Report



For more information, contact Dr. Michael Doursonor at dourson@tera.org or at 513-542-7475 ext. 105