TERA Assessment & Risk Technology


TERA scientists combine a practitioner's knowledge of the issues and pitfalls involved in the reseach and development of human health risk assessments, together with cutting-edge toxicology expertise and research to develop state-of-the-science assessments. Our research, aimed at improving risk assessment methods particularly in the areas of dose-response and mode of action, further enhances our analyses. In solving risk problems for a diverse array of government and private sponsors, we apply a collaborative philosophy that emphasizes partnership building, allowing us to expand our pool of expertise, build on multiple perspectives, and ensure the use of the best science in applied research. These strengths form the basis for our research and development of independent and science-driven analyses for a range of environmental and public health risk assessment needs. Our technical support areas include:


• Risk research and methods and framework development in dose-response modeling, mixtures risk issues, mode of action evaluation techniques, and special issues such as children's risk.

• Screening-level assessments and hazard and risk ranking

• Dossiers and Risk Assessments for HPV and REACH

• Occupational risk assessments, including OEL development

• Comprehensive in-depth evaluations for RfD/RfC derivation and cancer risk


Big Data: BD2K and LINCS



TERA is leading an outreach effort by the BD2K consortium to connect with scientists in the toxicology, pharmacology and risk assessment communities. The term ‘Big Data’ captures the opportunities and challenges biomedical researchers face in accessing, managing, analyzing, and integrating datasets of diverse data types....Learn more.





Risk Research and Methods Development


The field of environmental and public health risk assessment is changing rapidly as the “omics” revolution and the burgeoning field of molecular toxicology provide a wealth of data that were not available with classical toxicology.  TERA's research seeks to enhance the use of data on mode and mechanism of action to inform qualitative and quantitative aspects of risk assessment, by incorporating biomarker data to extend the dose-response curve, integrating “omics” information, and designing targeted studies to address key MOA questions.  ...Learn more.


Health Risk Assessment


TERA has researched and developed hundreds of toxicology reports, reviews, and risk assessment documents for our sponsors and the public.  We use cutting-edge research methods to address diverse needs, including environmental and public health assessments relevant to all major exposure pathways (inhalation, oral, and dermal) and exposure patterns (acute and chronic exposures) for single chemicals and mixtures.  Our research reports and assessments include comprehensive assessments, screening and hazard assessments, and occupational risk assessments....Learn more.


Pharmaceutical Support

pharmaceuticalAt TERA, pharmaceutical services build on our strength as a leader in toxicological research and risk assessment. Whether you need an Occupational Exposure Limit set for an active pharmaceutical ingredient, are concerned about the safety implications of an impurity in your raw material or finished product, or are not sure how a regulatory guidance applies to your particular situation, we have the expertise to research and meet your needs. Our highly qualified team includes occupational physicians, industrial hygienists, pharmacists, and board-certified toxicologists.


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